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Losing Your Virginity For The First Time

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  • Losing Your Virginity

    Virginity: New Age Curse Vs A Precious Flower

    Virginity, Oh The Purity Of It All….

    A long, long, long, LONG time ago, virginity was considered a girl’s most prized possession. Deemed much more precious than all the treasures of a family, a girl was considered to be a symbol of purity. Until the day she was to get married she was to hold on to that priceless jewel and give up her “sacred flower” only to her husband.

    Virginity. Today? Who is a Virgin anymore?

    Today, we pride ourselves on gender equality. We strongly believe that anything men can do women can as well. And to a great extent this is definitely true and must be upheld. As women, be financially independent, have jobs, make your own life, be independent and break from the set path of ending up as a baby-popping housewife. However, does this mean lowering your standards and losing your core personality to trends and fast changing social norms? Do we in the race to become “more modern” force ourselves into decisions we would otherwise not entertain?

    Tell me ladies, how many times have you sat with a few girlfriends and realized you’re the odd one out because you don’t have crazy sex stories to share with them? And certainly that must add some sort of pressure right? I mean you’re beautiful, you’ve been hit on, you’ve flirted successfully with the opposite sex, and you probably have even been in a few relationships. So what’s holding you back from sex, and more importantly should you hold back?

    For the men reading this, I’ll sum it up in ONE question what I did in a paragraph for women: Does it hurt your huge male ego when you have to admit your virginity and lack of sexual encounters to your friends?

    Lose your Virginity for the First Time… The Right Way!

    Let’s clarify a little bit: sex is not a sin! You are not going to burn in hell for performing an act that is biologically part of who we are as humans. The issue here is not about having sex.  It is about when you have sex, with whom, and the reasoning behind it.  Because believe me there is a lot more to the process of losing your virginity than just performing the act of sex.

    Sex is more Emotional for Women than Men

    Emotionally, losing your virginity can be a very impactful decision to carry through. Every time a woman orgasms, she releases small amounts of hormones that are the same hormones released during a pregnancy. These “mothering hormones” cause the woman to become emotionally attached to the act and person. So basically, women are biologically wired to get more attached when it comes to this department. But men are no less. In fact, guys have to bear the responsibility of helping a girl through the painful process of her “handing over her flower” or losing her virginity. And if he truly cares, this process can be extremely stressful for him as well. This is of course a situation where there is care and concern from both sides.

    Today we’re more used to hearing interesting conflicts. “Virgin? Please. Better open the legs else I’m gone.” “Oh you’re a virgin? (never calls you again)” “You’re not experienced??? But you’re a GUY!!!” “Um, well obviously you’re not going to be good in bed so… “ “Sex. Sex is really important to me. I mean I love you for the person you are, I love the things you say babe, but sex. I need it.” “Being a VIRGIN is your TALENT?!  What in the WORLD.”

    Don’t Regret your First Time – Think Twice Before Losing your Virginity

    You don’t want to regret your first time due to different expectations or ego clashes afterwards. We’ve all heard it.  We’ve all contemplated it.  Either we’ve lost our virginity, kept it or wondered if it’s time to give it up. Again the issue is not losing your virginity - it’s ensuring you lose it in a manner that does not hurt you in any way.  Losing your virginity is a big decision, so make sure you are with someone who cares about you enough and wants what is best for you before you decide to jump in bed with him or her.  I know it’s cliché to say “wait until your married”, but I urge you to think about that statement.  If the person you are considering having sex with is not “the one” then why give up something so important and pure.  Besides there is no return policy on virginity.

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