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Emergency Contraception: ipill & Unwanted 72 Side Effects

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    Think before you pop an ipill or emergency contraception!

    On a personal note, Indian advertising for anything sex related is considered taboo... For instance, take the morning after pill, the “ipill” or “Unwanted 72,” which are emergency contraception pills. Let me reiterate the word EMERGENCY- this kind of emergency should only happen once or never. You should not be having unprotected sex in the first place and if you do, you should not be popping these pills like harmless candy and carry on with your frivolous sex routines.  Emergency contraception used as a primary form of birth control is dangerous for many reasons.  

    Side Effects of the Emergency Contraceptive, ipill, and Unwanted 72

    When you take an emergency contraception pill such as ipill or unwanted 72, it forces your body not to ovulate.  By doing this, pregnancy is prevented. If there is no egg when the sperm enters, there will be no baby.  However, if an egg has been released, ipill may prevent the sperm from fertilizing it. If the egg has already been fertilized, ipill may prevent it from attaching itself to the lining of the womb. 

    One side effect of emergency contraception like the ipill is that it could potentially harm your reproductive system. It is only recommended to use the morning after pill once or twice at the most in the entire span of your sexually active life. Using it more frequently than that may cause a lot of side effects to your body. High doses of emergency contraceptives run a risk of infertility.

    Most young people, who have unprotected sex, resort to emergency contraceptives to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. This is a very bad habit and is not good for your system at all. If you are going to have unprotected sex, which is highly risky, the contraceptive you want to invest in is called Birth control.

    Difference between Birth Control pills and Emergency Contraception

    Birth control is very different from the emergency contraceptive ipill. It will regulate your period and prevent pregnancy. You will need to take a tablet everyday, which will release a mild dose of hormones to regulate your cycle and prevent pregnancy. It does not however, prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control has much fewer side effects and is much less risky, as it doesn't force excessive measures of hormones into your system.

    For your own health, do not use emergency contraception as a measure for birth control. Your body is not built to handle such overdoses of hormones in your system. Consult a gynecologist to learn about the correct prevention and safety measures that need to be taken in order to avoid pregnancy.


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